Success at GCSE, AS Level and A Level Physics hinges on three things:

  1. Mastery of mathematical skills: the ability to either memorise the equations or the skill to select the appropriate equation, rearrange it and then use it to calculate the correct answer.
  2. Mastery of linguistic skills: the ability to be able to define key terms or use technical language when answering questions.
  3. Mastery of practical skills: the ability to hypothesis, analyse and draw conclusions from experimental data, justifying the decisions taken.

This three-pronged mastery philosophy was what inspired me to created my first Physics Drill spreadsheet. Drill can be defined as, "intensive instruction or training in something, typically by means of repeated exercises." (, accessed 2016/10/11 06:42). The first Physics Drill spreadsheet was GCSE Physics Formula Drill. From that, many other Drill spreadsheets have been made, each one with the aim of addressing an aspect of one of the three key skills listed above at a different academic level.

The Physics Drill design philosophy

The philosophy behind the design of the Drill spreadsheets is as follows:

  1. The spreadsheets should be able to generate a near unlimited number of questions. They do this using random numbers to choose things such as the order of the questions, the equations or key words chosen and, in the case of the mathematical skills, the numbers used in the calculations.
  2. The spreadsheets should be able to work on many different platforms. These have been designed to work without VBA or other proprietary scripting tools. They work on many compatible office suites and on different operating systems. Many of these have even been tested on the WPS office suite on Android!

Often, teachers will feel that students need more practise at a particular skill, but they may lack the resources to provide them additional questions. These Drill spreadsheets make providing additional practice material quick and easy. They can even be shared within your school with the students to promote independent work.

Sample worksheets

To see what the worksheets generated by these resources look like, see here.

Available Drill spreadsheets


Each of the Physics Drill spreadsheets above is priced at £2.00 (the lowest price TES allows, above zero). You can save money by buying one of these bundles. As more resources are created, they will be added to the relevant bundle, so once you've bought the bundle you'll get the latest sheets in that bundle for free.

These bundles contain all of the above Drills.

If you have any other Drill spreadsheets you think would be helpful, email me by clicking here and I can see what I can do.